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Commercial Property Owners’ Associations (“CPOAs”) like your workplace, place of business, retail complexes, etc. often feel like a home away from home. This is why it’s so important that Texas commercial properties like these are in the right hands. While providing a safe, enjoyable environment for visitors is essential for the success of your commercial space, so is ensuring continued value for your property. This is where partnership with the right management company comes into play.  

But what is commercial association management?

Commercial association management: The process of overseeing and caring for the areas within a commercial association, as well as enforcing the governing documents for the betterment of the property. 

These responsibilities are dictated by the governing documents and the Board of Directors’ approved Rules and Regulations, city-approved sign programs, etc.
Management companies for Texas commercial properties are responsible for day-to-day operations, maintaining the association’s common areas, keeping grounds attractive for tenants and visitors, and ensuring the association complies with all local laws and regulations.

FirstService Commercial is proud of our proven track record for providing full-service commercial association management services for Texas commercial properties (as well as CPOAs across all of North America), leveraging many of the same successful principles we developed for thousands of residential communities in the U.S. and Canada.
Working closely with each association, we tailor our programs and services to fit your association’s unique needs. Whether it’s streamlining operations, maximizing curb appeal, or enhancing ROI and value, we can customize our services for a variety of commercial associations. We serve mixed-use developments, business office parks, commercial condominiums, live/work/play communities, and master retail centers.   

Our customizable commercial association management services include:

  • Creating accrual-based financial reports and phased budgets
  • Maintaining cash flow statement on a rolling 12-month basis until project completion
  • Monitoring ACC procedures and build-out planning
  • Evaluating community management structures
  • Reviewing and assessing covenants and bylaws
  • Creating policies and procedures for new and future buyers
  • Solving long-term deferred maintenance issues
  • Combining buying programs and negotiating vendor pricing to lower costs for third-party services

At FirstService Commercial, our mission is to enhance property values by providing specialized association management solutions built upon our core values. We provide full-service, institutional level management services with the attention and dedication of a boutique firm.  Our team of industry experts employs active management practices offering Boards of Directors full-service association management services. 
Working closely with each commercial association and its Board of Directors, we tailor our programs and services to fit the unique needs of each commercial association with which we partner. Whether it’s streamlining operations, maximizing curb appeal, or enhancing ROI and value, we can customize our services for a variety of Texas commercial properties. We serve mixed-use developments, business office parks, industrial centers, commercial condominiums, live/work/play communities, retail centers, master associations, and more. 
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Managing Texas commercial properties today

Commercial associations in Texas face a unique set of needs, reflective of the state's diverse economic landscape and evolving commercial real estate market. Texas, being a hub for various industries including technology, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing, hosts a myriad of commercial properties from sprawling industrial parks to high-rise office buildings in its metropolitan areas. These associations require a nuanced approach to property management that encompasses financial stewardship, maintenance excellence, and regulatory compliance, all tailored to the specific type of commercial property and its occupants. They also need to adapt to the dynamic nature of commercial real estate in Texas, where trends such as the increasing demand for flexible workspace and sustainable building practices are reshaping expectations for property management services.

Current trends in commercial property management in Texas emphasize technology integration, sustainability, and tenant engagement. With the rise of smart buildings, property managers are adopting cloud-based management systems to streamline operations, enhance energy efficiency, and improve security. Sustainable practices are becoming a priority, with a focus on reducing energy consumption, incorporating green spaces, and ensuring buildings are compliant with environmental standards and certifications.

Furthermore, as the needs and expectations of tenants evolve, there is a greater emphasis on creating spaces that support well-being, productivity, and collaboration. This includes offering amenities such as fitness centers, communal areas, and flexible lease terms that accommodate the growing trend towards hybrid work models.

FirstService Commercial is here to simplify management of Texas commercial properties like yours. We have the expertise it takes to help your board steadily navigate industry trends and foster forward-thinking management strategies.

Texas Commercial Properties Management

FirstService Commercial: Our "why"

Working in close collaboration with each commercial association and its Board of Directors, FirstService Commercial understands the importance of customizing our approach to meet the unique demands and aspirations of our partners.

Our extensive range of programs and services is designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities that diverse Texas commercial properties face. Whether we're simplifying day-to-day operations to increase efficiency, enhancing the visual appeal to attract tenants and customers, or implementing strategies that boost overall property value, we are equipped to tailor our offerings to suit the vast array of property types across Texas.

We take pride in serving a broad spectrum of commercial properties, including mixed-use developments that blend residential, commercial, and leisure facilities into a cohesive community, business office parks that house a variety of professional services, industrial centers requiring robust functional design and operation, commercial condominiums that merge ownership with commercial enterprise, live/work/play communities designed for modern lifestyle demands, retail centers aiming to draw in consumers, and master associations overseeing extensive property portfolios.

Our commitment is to provide targeted solutions that enhance the operational performance, fiscal health, and aesthetic value of these properties, ensuring they remain competitive and thrive within Texas’s dynamic commercial landscape.
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