Texas Property Management: Communities & Properties We Serve

Our job is simple: to make your life easier. With all the time you need to focus on your family, career and finding the perfect home, FirstService Residential's professional management team is at your service to ensure you find the perfect Texas-sized home

Our experts provide local-market expertise to all kinds of properties, including:

Community Associations & HOAs
Every neighborhood is different and yours is no exception. Whether you live in a master-planned community or a high-rise, we customize our services to fit your association's unique needs. Plus, we conduct regular property inspections to preserve your curb appeal and increase overall property values.

Condominium Associations
No two condominium associations are alike, but they often have similar goals. No matter the size of your space, residents will benefit from our extensive preventative maintenance programs, among other services, that align with your financial reserve study while sparing you from sudden expenses. 

High-Rise Buildings
High-rise living is, well, on the rise! Offering modern amenities with a "home sweet home" sentiment, high-rises appeal to the sophisticated resident. Our property-specific services are designed to streamline operations, enhance curb appeal, maximize property values and create the best possible lifestyle for every resident.

Active Adult Communities
Today's active adults are healthier and more vibrant than ever! As a result, more 55+ homebuyers are searching for a community to create an environment that exceeds expectations, fosters independence and changes the way society sees retired living.

Lifestyle Communities
Resort-style recreational, social and wellness amenities are the heartbeat of lifestyle communities, and they're quickly gaining popularity. That's why we've stepped up to create a management style that compliments various lifestyle experiences. With the help of a dedicated expert, we design events and programming that connect residents to the communities they love. 

Multifamily Rental Services
As a company that has operated in the rental space for decades, FirstService Residential has the knowledge, industry experience and marketing expertise to maximize profitability of your luxury rental investment. Our goal is to relieve you of the day-to-day stress of operating a rental property, so you can focus on achieving your financial goals and seek out new prospective investments.

Master-Planned Communities
Master-planned communities offer amenities that can't be found anywhere else, including golf courses, water parks, nature trails and more. When it comes to these communities, FirstService Residential offers strategic expertise, financial planning and a wealth of amenity management to increase property values and enhance resident lifestyles.

Single-Family Homes
For many, purchasing a home is their single greatest investment – and we treat it that way! As your home management partner, we work with your board to ensure your community is financially sound and your investment seizes every opportunity to flourish.

Commercial Properties
When it comes to commercial properties, we apply the same principles that make us North America's residential management leader to your business. Our specialized experience allows us to simplify your operations, own budget analysis and vendor management, and enforce covenants to create a seamless order for your business.

Mixed-Use Properties
Today's city dwellers want it all: residential, commercial, retail and public spaces all in one convenient location. And cities across the U.S. are taking note. Our proficiency in mixed-use properties gives us to apply our proven expertise toward your one-of-a-kind mixed-use property. From streamlining your operations and vendor management to budget analysis and covenant enforcement, we're here to encourage the mixed-use property of your dreams.

Developer Services
As Texas' market leader and the only management company with the resources and expertise needed to create a viable plan, our team of associates is with you at every stage of development to deliver best-in-class service that put your vision on the path to long-term success.