Additional Services

At FirstService Residential Texas, our goal is to add value in the services we provide to our managed communities.  As part of our commitment, we offer a wide selection of value-added services, available only to clients of FirstService Residential Texas and our affiliated companies.

Banking & Insurance Services

Your association deserves the best financial services in the industry, that's why we offer exclusive banking and insurance services that deliver an added value to the community you call home. Thanks to our in-house financial services companies, we've built relationships with top-notch vendors to offer you the best rates for our clients — passing on the savings to each of them.

Financial Management

We're the talk of the town when it comes to managing client finances with an eye for detail, but more importantly, our ability to be receptive to all needs has made us the leading association management leader in Texas.  As our partner, we want your money to work for you! With accuracy at the helm of our independent financial services and programs, you can rest easy knowing that your finances are handled using solid checks and balances.

Public Improvement Districts

If you live in a Public Improvement District (PID) or are looking to create one, allow us to put our knowledge to the test. Our team of experts will collaborate with your local government on your behalf to develop a service plan and budget that's sure to get approval.

IT Services

As a FirstService Residential partner, we handle everything your association needs to thrive, including expert information technology (IT) management. Why does this matter? Because our highly skilled IT professionals know what it takes to match your community's needs with with solutions that bring real results.

Customer Care Center

Got a question? Get in touch with our Customer Care Center at any time, day or night. We'll connect you with a real person who will provide best-in-class service and solutions in a reasonable amount of time.

Our toll-free numbers are: 

  • Austin - 833.710.6867

  • Dallas/Fort Worth - 877.378.2388

  • Houston - 877.253.9689

  • San Antonio - 833.578.1134

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