FirstService Residential,, was awarded the management contract of XSpace in Lake Travis, a fast-growing community 15 miles north-west of downtown Austin, Texas. FirstService Residential Texas will assume management in Q1 2022.

Xspace flex condo storage - unique business model started in Australia as a multi-use condominium facility designed for storage, business and personal use. The 106 units are built over three levels in a 93,500-square-foot facility and sized from 300-2,500 square feet, averaging around 500 square feet, Smith said. They are fully customizable, with 18-foot tall ceilings, garage-type doors, and can accommodate a 50% mezzanine level. The building’s highest level features a 3,000 square foot lake view lounge and terrace, complete with a commercial-grade kitchen. Owners and patrons can drive through the all levels and right up to a unit.

Tim Manson and Byron Smith, co-founders of XSpace believe that the Texas Hill Country is the perfect location for this new flex-space condo model. “Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States,” Manson said. “It’s very progressive with new products and new ideas. The marketplace in Lake Travis is the right demographic for us. People have a lot of toys, for lack of a better word. A lot of great, small businesses—they’re very successful small businesses. So it all stacked up.” Smith continued, when they came to Lake Travis, they “had an intuitive, emotional feeling that this is the type of customer that we wanted for our first project (in the U.S.).”

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May 28, 2021