NEW YORK, NY (OCTOBER 04, 2021) – FirstService Residential, New York's leading residential property management company, this week released 2021 Energy Report Cards for more than 300 condominium, cooperative and multifamily rental properties in the company’s New York City management portfolio. Issued annually for the last 10 years, the report cards illustrate the building’s historical energy profile, which equips board members and building owners with the insight and understanding to optimize their property’s energy performance, reduce emissions and lower annual operating costs.
Energy costs can comprise 30% of a building’s annual budget, which is typically the single largest controllable expense for a multifamily property.
The report cards were developed by FirstService Energy, the company’s in-house team of energy experts and sustainability advisors whose proprietary energy information management system records and analyzes each building’s current and historical energy use, utility costs, typology information, carbon emissions and operating equipment. This data is then compared to similar buildings, which the energy team uses to identify which buildings have an opportunity to reduce their energy and costs.
The report cards also illustrate a building’s peak-time energy demand, areas of high cost, seasonal spikes and provide an estimate of potential annual savings if efficiency and cost reduction strategies are implemented.
“The more informed our clients are about their building’s environmental impact, the more empowered they are to improve it,” said Tal Eyal, president of FirstService Energy. “We developed Energy Report Cards to help our clients make informed decisions on opportunities that will deliver the greatest value in terms of reducing emissions, costs, and energy use, improving resident comfort and property values, avoiding potential fines, and importantly, remaining compliant with the law.”
“As New York State and City agencies approve increasingly stringent local laws aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency, there’s a growing need for the board members and building owners we serve to have clear, transparent and actionable data in order to make important, often costly, decisions on the right efficiency projects to undertake,” said Dan Wurtzel, president, FirstService Residential. “As industry thought leaders, we recognized this need over a decade ago when we formed FirstService Energy to help guide our clients on the path to efficiency.”

About FirstService Residential
As North America’s largest manager of residential properties, FirstService Residential oversees more than 8,500 properties and 1.7 million residential units across 21 U.S. states and three provinces in Canada.
In New York City, FirstService Residential’s management portfolio comprises more than 500 rental, condominium, and cooperative properties. This includes more than 70,000 residential units that are home to over 250,000 people in properties ranging from luxury towers and new developments to pre-war landmark buildings and apartment complexes.
With an unmatched combination of deep industry experience, local market expertise and personalized attention, FirstService Residential delivers proven solutions and exceptional service that add value, enhance lifestyles and make a difference, every day, for every resident and community it manages.  FirstService Residential is a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation, a North American leader in the property services sector.
About FirstService Energy
FirstService Energy is the energy management and advisory affiliate of FirstService Residential, the largest manager of residential communities in North America.
The organization’s energy experts work diligently with FirstService Residential clients to enhance their building’s energy efficiency by developing strategies to reduce energy costs, consumption, and emissions. Since 2009, they have helped FirstService Residential properties save more than $23 million while reducing their carbon footprint by 16%.
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Oct 04, 2021