NEW YORK, NY (NOVEMBER 15, 2023) – FirstService Residential, New York’s leading residential property management company, this week released Energy Report Cards for condominium, cooperative, and multifamily rental properties in the company’s New York portfolio. Issued annually, the Energy Report Cards provide a detailed analysis of a building’s energy performance, including CO2 emissions benchmarked against buildings of similar size and function, and strategies to reduce energy costs, consumption, and emissions.
In New York City, energy costs can comprise 30% of a building’s annual budget.

"We recognize how difficult it can be for boards and owners to find energy solutions that make sense for their building, and created the Energy Report Cards to help these clients understand where they are today and how to make real, significant change. You can’t improve what you’re not measuring. Knowledge gleaned from the report cards helps our clients make informed decisions on projects and investments that will reduce emissions, costs, and energy use, while also improving resident comfort and avoiding fines."

— Kelly Dougherty | President, FirstService Energy


The Energy Report Cards include a rich presentation of data that illustrates potential fines related to New York City’s Local Law 97 carbon emissions reduction requirements, where energy costs have increased, and how a building’s facilities have performed over time. They were developed by FirstService Energy’s team of energy experts and sustainability advisors, who maintain historical data of hundreds of residential and commercial properties’ energy use, utility costs, and emission

"In addition to fulfilling our social responsibility to safeguard the environment, the extensive scale and geographic distribution of our management portfolio presents us with a compelling opportunity to have a significant impact on the environmental impact and operating costs of residential communities across North America. As local and federal laws aimed at benchmarking and reporting energy performance, reducing emissions, and improving efficiency become increasingly challenging for our boards and building owners, there is an escalating need for our clients to have transparent, actionable data."

— David Diestel | CEO, FirstService Residential


Since launching in New York City in 2011, Energy Report Cards have expanded to 850-plus multifamily communities managed by FirstService Residential across North America. This effort supports the company’s goal to make efficiency projects a reality, without borders, for clients who seek the betterment of their communities.
FirstService Energy also connects condominium and cooperative boards and building owners with energy incentives provided by local governments and utility companies that offset the cost of efficiency projects. The team has secured millions of dollars in incentives for New York clients including electric vehicle (EV) charging station projects, LED lighting retrofits, elevator upgrades, carbon studies, and steam trap replacements.
Nov 15, 2023