What our clients say about our service

At FirstService Residential, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to every resident, board member, and building owner we serve. Our goal? To improve the resident experience, enhance property value, and lower costs, wherever possible.

That’s why we respond to every review (the good and the bad), especially when a client shares a less than positive experience. When appropriate, we connect the reviewer with their property manager and follow up until the complaint is addressed.

Take a look at some of our most recent reviews from boards and owners like you.

  • This review is to express my gratitude and appreciation for our building’s General Manager. She is always kind, down to earth, thoughtful, and makes one feel heard, no matter how many hundreds of tasks she is juggling at any given moment. We are very fortunate to have the benefit of her attention and professionalism. Thank you so very much, Katie!
    Owner, 400-Unit Condo, Manhattan
  • We work with almost all New York property managers and have intimate knowledge of their experience resolving complicated issues. It’s not an understatement to say we have rarely had such proactive help from a manager and organization in bringing such a difficult issue to a successful resolution. Sincere thanks to FirstService Residential for doing what so few management teams would be willing to do to resolve this crisis.
    CEO, Local compliance consultant for multifamily buildings
  • The refinancing and board approval process can be extremely time consuming. However, Gaitri and Tiffany made such an extraordinary effort assembling the co-op board application, organizing required financial documents and always being available by phone and email. I believe board approval occurred within 24 hours, which may be a record! As president of the company, thank you Dan for organizing FirstService in a way that such dedicated employees are available and willing to assist in the way that they do.
    Shareholder, 60-unit Co-op, Manhattan
  • We have had several managers over the last 13 years, but Nyesha is outstanding. She is knowledgeable and always takes time to answer my questions in a warm, professional way. As I was in an appointment with her, a man came in speaking poorly to her. I don’t know what his issue was, but she handled herself like a professional and a lady. When he left, she continued her work with me with no reflection on what had just occurred. When I got home last night it stuck in my head. If this last almost two years has taught us anything, it is to be kind, patient and a good human being, all qualities that Nyesha displayed. Many people take time to complain and point out negatives. I am taking my time to point out your company's strengths. I hope you see the asset you have in this employee.
    Shareholder, 160-Unit Co-op, Brooklyn
  • My husband and I are brokers and have worked with countless management companies over the decade, and I can say without hesitation that this group of professionals has made being an owner here so enjoyable. I have always found management to be responsive and diligent, while maintaining a level of respect and kindness.
    Shareholder, 276-Unit Co-op, Manhattan
  • I am so struck with how well this board and management team have kept the building operating safely and effectively. When I have a listing in the building, and I tell prospective buyers ‘this is a one-of-a-kind place to live,’ it is not a pitch. It is the truth. We are well taken care of here.
    Shareholder, 280-Unit Co-op, Manhattan
  • Over the past couple of weeks I have had communications with FirstService Residential due to a death in our family. I have also had to reach out to other companies, corporations, etc. dealing with various problems that may arise as a result of the passing of a loved one. In many instances, a return call was promised, but never received, or an email never answered. I must admit that this never happened with FirstService Residential. I’ve had an exchange of emails with the property manager and amazingly, not only did he respond to my emails, but did so in a timely fashion. It wasn't two to three days later, it was the same day. One time I called and left a message in the late afternoon asking if he could return my call. When I hung up I wondered about how long I might have to wait for a response, then thought "I bet he calls by end of day tomorrow." Well I was wrong, he called me back before noon the following day! I usually don't write reviews but very much wanted to do so now. The service I have received from FirstService Residential has been outstanding. They have excellent follow up and I am truly grateful to the manager and the Customer Care employees for all their help – and also their kindness.
    Shareholder, 82-Unit Co-op, Queens
  • FirstService has been managing agent of my co-op for many years, and my experience with them has always been good. My recent mortgage refinance led me to new dealings with them, and I must say I am impressed. The application is now done online, and I had all the required documents back in my hands within a week – a record time for my 35 years in NYC. Special kudos to Stephanie of FirstService for her responsive, can-do attitude!
    Shareholder, 70-Unit Co-op, Brooklyn
  • Having worked alongside FirstService Residential for many years I have had nothing but positive experiences. They have managed a number of large capital projects for my building and have saved us many thousands on each project. Their energy management team has and is currently very involved with state-of-the-art ideas, projects, and knows all about NYC 's new Energy Codes. FirstService management teams are very knowledgeable and responsive to unit owner needs. They personalize service to each property. I highly recommend FirstService Residential to owners and boards of buildings that want a first-class management service for their buildings.
    Board Member, 650-Unit Condominium, Manhattan
  • I commend both our property managers for all that they do for our co-op housing complex. They are my "Go To" contacts who have addressed all my issues efficiently and professionally since they started managing the building. One of a kind! I hope they get recognized and rewarded for their outstanding work and exceptional customer service which are key drivers in any business including a housing co-op.
    Board Member, 730-Unit Condominium, Queens
  • The property managers have worked tirelessly to ensure that each member of my family has had access to the gym, pool and meeting house, especially during the pandemic. We feel completely safe using the building’s gym and my children have been able to maintain a healthy, safe and happy lifestyle during these trying times.
    Owner, 90-Unit Condominium, Brooklyn
  • Our board deeply appreciates everything you have been doing for our condo, including your timely responses on any concerns and questions, and the extra work you always put in after hours and on weekends when we need your help.
    Board President, 75-Unit Condominium, Brooklyn
  • It is not easy to answer the many requests from owners and tenants of a building the size of our property. Our property manager always maintains her calm and readily smiles. Throughout the daunting renovation application process she has been informative, helpful, and supportive. It is a pleasure to interact with her.
    Owner, 400-Unit Condominium, Manhattan
  • FirstService Residential’s applications team went above and beyond to help me prepare a sublease application. Their application team are true professionals with so much patience and kindness, a real treasure. It was a wonderful experience working with them.
    Owner, 730-Unit Condominium, Queens
  • Since you took over the management of our building, my wife and I have noticed a dramatic increase in the level of professionalism. Our property manager has proven to be a steady hand on the till. She is extremely knowledgeable, always has an answer for whatever inquiry comes her way, and always follows up promptly – a characteristic that, unfortunately, I have not seen with other property management outfits.
    Owner, 95-Unit Condominium, Manhattan
  • I just completed closing on refinancing my mortgage. I wanted to acknowledge the prompt and excellent assistance I received as a result of your streamlined procedures for refinancing. Your team really held my hand and kept things moving forward quickly. No, I don't think my being on the board had anything to do with it. It's because you are consummate professionals and good folk on top of that.
    Board Member, 115-Unit Co-op, Manhattan
  • Our ‘green’ initiatives have included the installation of solar panels, an LED lighting conversion, and implementing New York City’s e-cycleNYC, re-fashionNYC, and, organics recycling programs. With each subsequent initiative, support grows for how we can operate even more effectively with minimal impact to our environment. With the support of FirstService Residential, we were very pleased to learn just how affordable renewable energy is, which became the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ for our latest environmental stewardship effort.
    Board Member, 60-Unit Condominium, Manhattan
  • I attended your Sustainability Expo and walked away with many impressions. The wealth of information, knowledge and experience available to us, whether proactive or reactive, is beyond anything we had at our prior management company. I took notes regarding what we can do for the environment and to be fiscally responsible for our co-op. It was great. The very large turnout of board presidents indicated to me a very big show of support for your company, managers and executives. I was initially worried about losing our family relationship, but I can tell you I felt like the most important person at the seminar amongst many, many board presidents. Maybe other companies are running these seminars, but I had never been and this was executed first class. We are in great hands.
    Board President, 232-Unit Co-op, Queens
  • Thank you for helping us secure a cost-free energy efficient lighting upgrade with the Con Edison program. The new lights and fixtures really make a difference inside and outside the building. I am also very happy with the new super that you highly recommended. He has already saved the co-op thousands of dollars with his knowledge.
    Board President, 65-Unit Co-op, Queens
  • Kudos for the response to last night's water main break. When the city water failed late in the evening, our pumps were running dry and would have been damaged had you all not reacted and responded as quickly and effectively as you did. Without an in-building Super this could have been a real problem. It was great that you were here on-site so quickly, and that the super, who was already home and off-duty, came back from Long Island to get the pumps off – and in the snow no less! Congratulations on a great response.
    Board President, 330-Unit Condo, Manhattan
  • As a result of Hurricane Sandy, city living got “rough.” During the storm, there were a couple of staff members whose faces I constantly saw greeting me in the lobby and making me feel safe and secure. In addition, I appreciated the constant updates, and was reassured that managers were doing all they humanly could to keep us informed and advised. Thank goodness!
    Resident, 346-Unit Rental Building, Brooklyn
  • As a result of Hurricane Sandy, city living got “rough.” During the storm, there were a couple of staff members whose faces I constantly saw greeting me in the lobby and making me feel safe and secure. In addition, I appreciated the constant updates, and was reassured that managers were doing all they humanly could to keep us informed and advised. Thank goodness!
    Resident, 346-Unit Rental Building, Manhattan