Are you aware of the upcoming legislative changes for Contingency Reserve Funds (CRF)? Is your strata corporation ready for the Strata Property Act regulation changes effective November 1, 2023? 

Rewatch our council member webinar, Important changes to Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF) contributions now! We’ve gathered experts to help strata council members better understand the changes to CRF requirements and help ensure your corporation is prepared. 

This important discussion is being moderated by FirstService Residential’s Sean Ingraham, Senior Vice President, with insights from experts, Isadora Goh, VP Client Accounting, and Peter Chan, Senior Director Strata Operations. 

Experts discussed: 

  • Summary of regulation changes for CRF contributions.  

  • What do these changes mean for my strata?  

  • Depreciation reports and the CRF - how do they correlate?  

  • How to calculate your CRF contribution - a step by step guide for your budgeting process.