Resident Support Services

We offer unmatched customer service through our Resident Support Services 

FirstService Residential Resident Support ServicesOne of the biggest challenges strata managers face is the number of homeowner inquiries they are faced with in a day. In fact, during the Covid-19 pandemic, emails to strata managers increased by 30% and that has yet to decrease. While most are simple to answer, the number of emails they need to respond to takes time away from important strata council directed business.  

At FirstService Residential British Columbia, we recognize that for your strata manager to be more effective and allow them the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with the strata council they serve, they need more time. And that's where our Resident Support Services (RSS) team comes in.  

Made up of local specialized experts, our Resident Support Services team works behind the scenes to help resolve the day-to-day issues of strata corporation living. The RSS team is available to quickly and efficiently answer a variety of inquires a resident might have including but not limited to:  

  • Account updates 

  • Payments 

  • Strata corporation general inquiries  

  • Maintenance inquiries 

  • Strata corporation document requests 

  • Strata lot renovation requests  

  • Document submission, and more  

For emergencies or urgent matters our 24/7/365 Customer Care Centre is always a quick phone call away. 

How does the Resident Support Services team benefit your strata council? 

It's easy to see how the RSS team benefits residents. They have easy access to a reliable team when they need a quick answer. And that responsiveness leads to more satisfied residents. What might be less obvious at first is how the RSS team benefits your strata council. 

When your strata manager has the ability to spend less time answering resident inquires that are often duplicates of each other, they can spend more time focusing on strata council action items. Less time sitting at a desk responding to emails means more time being out in the community and seeing firsthand what needs to be done. For off-site managers, this gives them the time to perform more comprehensive property visits on a more regular basis.  

The ability to foster a successful relationship with your strata council 

A strata manager is there to serve the entire community. However, their top priority should be the relationship they have with the strata council. The strata council is responsible for making a lot of important decisions for the community they call home. When they choose to partner with a professional strata management company, they want to be partnered with a strata manager they can trust.  

Strata councils want a manager that will focus on meeting their needs and that will quickly respond to strata council inquiries, not have them get lost in the shuffle of resident emails. The RSS team allows our strata managers to do just that and be more present. With less attention being spent on responding to general inquiries from homeowners, your strata council will receive more detail-oriented service that will only strengthen the relationship between the manager and the strata council. In turn increasing the success of your community.  

Valuable insights for your strata council 

In addition, having more time to focus on important projects, the strata manager has time to review the data collected by the RSS team. As resident inquiries come into the RSS team, those inquiries, and responses become part of the team's knowledge base.  

As similar questions are asked and answered, this gives valuable insight to the community at large on what matters most. Patterns and trends start to emerge, and this can be very helpful to a strata council when it comes to prioritizing projects in the community. It can also give valuable insight onto important services that may not currently be available to residents but should be strongly considered.  


Having the support of our RSS team has reduced strata manager turnover, however it's still something that a strata corporation can experience. If this should happen, the strata council doesn't have to worry about reduced service or important community information getting lost in the transition period. The RSS team is able to continue providing that high level of customer service to your community in the interim. Through the information collected and provided by the RSS team, along with the information available on the resident portal, the transition to a new manager can be seamless for a resident and easier for strata councils.  

A better experience for those that choose strata living 

Always looking to improve the lives of the residents and strata councils that we serve, we saw a need for additional community residential support services and worked to provide a solution. The added value the strata corporations we manage receive through our Resident Support Services benefit not only the residents but the strata council members and our strata managers as well.  

Our Resident Support Services is just one of the many ways we continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Learn more about our strata management services.