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Simplified vertical living 

Vertical properties offer a dynamic lifestyle in metropolitan areas with varying degrees of management presence. A proactive management team is required to keep operations running efficiently, elevators moving, and packages delivered. At FirstService Residential, we have the scale and service culture to answer the call. As experts in vertical living, we simplify high-rise property management to give board members the peace of mind they deserve.

Modern architecture, stunning Las Vegas strip views, proximity to work and nightlife, resort-style amenities, customized social activities… these are just a few of the qualities that attract homeowners to Nevada’s beautiful high-rise buildings.  

The high-rise experts at FirstService Residential support board members in anticipating needs and addressing challenges, as well as providing guidance on opportunities to enhance the resident experience. Partnering with a professional management company can help you fulfill the needs of a high-rise community, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

We can support your community through: 

  • Vendor management
  • Onsite management and team
  • Front desk and concierge services 
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • 24-hour Customer Care Center 
  • Amenities and lifestyle programming that enhance resident experience
  • Training, development, and supervision of on-site personnel

At FirstService Residential, we have the expertise and solutions to anticipate needs and respond – no matter the property type. With our professional scale, we can make your budget go further. And our service-first philosophy means we don’t stop until what’s complicated becomes uncomplicated. To make life, simplified.  

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What is the difference between high rise and condo?

some key ways. The main difference is that a high-rise property refers to the physical structure of the building, while a condo refers to the type of ownership of the individual units.

High-rise properties can be used for a variety of purposes, including residential, commercial, or mixed-use. A high-rise building may contain apartments, condos, or commercial space. A condo, on the other hand, is a type of ownership structure that can be found in a variety of building types, including high-rise buildings.

Another key difference between high-rise properties and condos is the level of ownership and control that residents have over the building. In a high-rise property, residents may be renters or owners of individual units, but they do not necessarily have control over the common areas of the building. In a condo, on the other hand, residents own their individual units and have a say in the management of the building, including the common areas.

In summary, while high-rise properties and condos can both be in tall buildings, the key difference between the two is that a high-rise property refers to the physical structure of the building, while a condo refers to the type of ownership of the individual units.

When you partner with FirstService Residential, we begin by putting the right people in place – local experts with the best skills and knowledge of Nevada’s high-rise property management to meet your building’s needs. Our customer-focused associates implement full-service property management solutions to meet your unique requirements, while respecting your building’s distinctive community spirit and lifestyle. And behind the scenes, we establish preventive maintenance programs to increase the longevity, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of building systems and equipment. We blend our operational expertise with tailored high-rise property management services, programs, systems and education services, delivered with dedicated customer service to your board members, homeowners and residents.  

We also provide additional benefits to our Nevada’s high-rise communities through financial and accounting services, cutting-edge technology, and cost containment strategies, as well as professional training for board members and our management teams to advance their knowledge and effectiveness in their roles. In addition, as part of the FirstService Residential family, we can leverage our combined buying power and negotiated vendor pricing to increase the quality and lower your costs for everyday services, such as waste management, insurance, and cable.

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