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One of our key value-added services is our proprietary property management software solution, FirstService Residential Connect™, which provides comprehensive information and connections to homeowners, Board and committee members and our management team. Instantly accessible via computer, smartphone or mobile device, the technology enhances communication, improves project and vendor management, streamlines operations, increase resident and community security, and so much more.  

Through FirstService Residential Connect™, users can instantly and securely communicate with each other and access your community’s information, documents and records.  Services include:

ResidentAlert - Mass Communication Tool

Your community manager can use email or phone to alert the entire community, or a specific group of residents, about meetings, weather alerts, service shutdowns, or emergency situations requiring immediate action. Emails can also include attachments, saving your association the cost of postage.

Interactive Community Website

FirstService Residential Connect™ can also provide a community website where residents can manage their account balances, pay assessments and download community association documents.  The website can also be used by the community manager and Board members to post news, Board meeting minutes, community calendars, capital projects, etc.

ConnectMobile (Violation/Work Order/Architectural/Inspections)

Many FirstService Residential Connect™ features are also available in a mobile application, ConnectMobile, for iPhone. Your community association manager and Board members can use this app to instantly create violations and work orders, check the status of previous work orders and violations, and create and manage architectural modification requests and community inspections.

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