The foundation of any good relationship is communication. And that also holds true for HOAs and community management companies, regardless of whether we’re talking about a townhome community, high-rise or a master-planned community.
As important as communication is, some community management companies are better at it than others. Here’s a list of things any good management company should be doing to ensure good communication with its community.
1. Making itself available.
Let’s face it: If something’s going to go wrong at your community, it’s probably not going to happen during business hours. That’s just Murphy’s Law. For this reason, the best companies offer 24/7 customer care as part of their HOA management services. So when that water heater ruptures at 3 a.m., there’s always someone there to get started on a solution.
2. Offering useful technology.
You look to your community management company for solutions, and technology that facilitates communication should definitely be part of that mix. The right technology enables you to perform important functions with a simple click or tap on your own time, rather than relying on a phone call. It also enable transparency between the community association and the management company.
3. Providing emergency systems.
Whether it’s a natural disaster or a fire in an individual’s home, if an emergency situation should arise, it’s important for residents to receive important information in an instant. Look for a community management company with emergency communication systems and standard operating procedures already in place.
4. Asking for feedback.
The most important conversation your community management company can have with you begins with the question “How are we doing?” Feedback should be formalized so you know how the company is using this feedback. And follow-up should be ongoing.
Communication is the key to any good service company. For more insight on how your community association management company can keep the lines of communication open and accessible, contact FirstService Residential, North America’s leading community management company.
Thursday January 19, 2017