Markham property management services

Markham property management

Markham is home to over 357,000 residents and over 650 corporate head offices. The largest of the nine communities within York Region, it’s the ideal place to live, work, and play.  Culturally diverse, 66.7% of Markham’s population can speak two or more languages. Making Markham a great place to explore the different cultures, traditions and cuisine that make the city what it is.  

Markham property managementDespite being a bustling city for economic development and home to the Canadian headquarters for many multinational companies like Honda Canada, Hyundai, IBM, and Toshiba to name a few, Markham still has plenty of green space to enjoy with over 22 kms of scenic pathways. And Main St Unionville, Markham’s historic district, provides that small town feel in the GTA’s fourth largest city.  

When looking for a partner in property management in Markham, you want a company that understands what makes Markham unique. They need to understand that the diverse make-up of Markham is reflected in the residential communities throughout the city. And they need to know how to meet the unique needs of a culturally diverse community.  

When you partner with FirstService Residential, you get just that.  

To meet your Markham property management needs our services include:  

  • Property management in MarkhamTechnology at your fingertips 

  • Financial management 

  • Resident Support Services 

  • 24/7/365 Customer Care Centre (offering support in 20 languages!) 

  • Energy solutions 

  • Banking & insurance 

  • Education & training 

  • Developer services 

  • Centralized administration support 

  • Front desk security & concierge services 

  • Superintendent & housekeeping 

Markham has a variety of property types and our property managers are experienced in working with all types including: 

High-Rise Buildings 

As high-rise condos continue to gain popularity, new high-rise communities continue to be developed throughout Markham. The views, proximity to services, incredible designs, and variety of amenities are only some of the reasons why Markham’s high-rise buildings are sought after. We provide high-rise buildings with successful financial tools and ways to improve resident lifestyles, including package tracking, visitor management, amenity reservation, housekeeping, and front desk security. As demographics change in condominiums, the services of Markham property management companies need to change with them. Markham is a city filled with places and activities to take advantage of, so let us handle managing your community so you can do what matters most, enjoy it. In short, we make being a board member easier. 

Mid-Rise and Low-Rise Buildings  

No condominium corporations are alike! The complexities of mid-rise and low-rise buildings can be hard to differentiate. However, they all benefit from our personal touch and unmatched service. We provide complete financial services, inventory control, emergency planning and building code enforcement. We work with you to understand the intricacies of local condominium laws and help your corporation through the process. Let us help your Markham condo corporation get rid of the worry and fuss! 

Townhome Complexes (Common Elements)

Townhome complexes are unique when it comes to property management with more and more townhome communities being developed in Markham. While townhomes may seem to be less complex compared to high-rise buildings, it’s important to remember that there are common elements that need to be managed and maintained such as roofs, driveways, waste management, landscaping, snow maintenance and fences to name a few. It takes a special manager to understand the complexities of this kind of property, and our Markham property managers are well trained and certified to do so. 

Townhome management in Markham

Commercial Condominiums 

Commercial condominiums can vary from a typical office to a retail space, and each one has specific and different needs. We respond to the service demands of commercial condominiums with a range of property management services to meet client’s needs. 

Shared Facilities 

Many condominium corporations in Ontario have shared facilities. Shared Facilities Agreements can be very complex. When it comes to setting out boundaries, governance, and associated costs for facilities used by multiple corporations, you want an expert on your side. Our highly experienced team works with our clients to deliver exceptional external support, education and tools to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied with and understand the agreement. 

Find out more about how we can tailor our services to meet your Markham property management needs. 

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