Now that the summer heat is dwindling into crisp autumn days, it is time for your property management company to begin making changes as part of the seasonal maintenance activities. 
As you prepare for fall, you should also keep the following season in mind, winter. Despite the tidbits of warm weather during the first few weeks of fall, the colder weather is undoubtedly on its way. Whether your property is self-managed or professionally managed, having your checklist ready for fall and winter preparations will have your operations running smoothly. This will keep your residents satisfied as they also make the transition to the next couple of seasons. 
Here we look at a few areas to look at when preparing for the fall weather.

1. Landscaping

Don't overlook landscaping just because you no longer have to mow the lawns. This is the perfect opportunity to spray for bugs and weeds and plant annuals in your landscaping beds. Some systems around your property could also do with some checkups, such as your watering clocks and irrigation system. Ensure they are in excellent condition so that there are no surprises come next springtime. Other landscaping measures you can take are to remove all of the hoses from their bibs and clear the fallen leaves from bushes and drainage areas. You can find many landscaping companies to do these things, but only the right property management company can provide you with the best referrals that suit your needs. 

2. Pool and spa

With the summer fun gone in the sun, it is time to take some time to do some after-care maintenance on your swimming pool and its surroundings. This means doing a check on the motors, pumps, and cleaning and replacing the filters. You should also take a good look at the piping to see if it has any leaks or corrosion. Don't forget to clean all the filter baskets and grease the pump motor and bearings.
Of course, ensure that the pool is drained to a manufacturer-recommended level and correctly covered for the cold, snowy months. If you need more professional help with making sure your pool is sheltered for the fall and winter, consult a property management company. 

3. Lighting

With colder months comes shorter days. You want to ensure that all areas of your property have adequate lighting and that any broken light is fixed immediately. Opting for LED bulbs is a win-win because it reduces costs in the long run and is also more environmentally-friendly. During this step, it is worth your time to make any other lighting improvements that will benefit your building or community. 

4. Seasonal D├ęcor

Does your community get in the holiday spirit? You can quickly jumpstart on the festivities by going through your decor plans with your management and internal staff. You can even start an ad hoc committee to get the ideas rolling for the upcoming events. Ensure all residents' safety is kept in mind, especially if decorations are being brought on the exterior of the property, such as string lights. For example, if you plan on decorating trees, be sure they are trimmed enough that the lighting will not create a fire. 
When you feel the crispness in the air, it means goodbye to summer and hello to a new season - many people's favourite time of year. With these four key seasonal maintenance steps, you can be sure that your community will enjoy these next few seasons in the comfort of their building. Read more on maintaining areas such as your roof here.
Monday August 31, 2020