Community pool services

Seamless pool services your HOA can depend on 

Our pool division is here to make sure your community pools are always in great shape and ready for your residents to enjoy. Our pool services team consists of:  

  • HOA pool servicesCertified pool operators (CPOs) 

  • Pool technicians – specializing in mechanical repairs 

  • Experienced pool rovers – for daily/weekly maintenance 

Such a diverse team of qualified pool professionals means your association board doesn’t need to find multiple vendors to meet your community pool service needs. And, when larger pool maintenance projects are required, our pool team works seamlessly with our construction team for efficiency.  

For example, in the event your pool requires tile repairs, the two teams will work together to perform the work in a timely manner. The pool team will first arrive to empty and clean the pool, then the construction team will arrive to repair the tiles. Once the repairs are completed, the pool team will return to refill the pool and get it back to swim ready. With consistent communication between the two teams and your board, you can spend less time following up to find out when your pool will be usable again. Making the complicated, uncomplicated.  

Our strong relationship with the municipal safety inspectors ensures our team is on top of the latest pool regulations for semi-public pools like yours.  

Get to know our team of HOA pool service specialists better 


Experienced pool roversWe have several pool staff members who have been tested and obtained this national pool operating license. These pool operators understand the pool chemistry & chemicals as well as the mechanical and plumbing components necessary to deliver quality pool service. 

Pool technicians  

A newly created position for us, these are maintenance technicians that are dedicated to servicing the repair needs of our pools throughout the season.  From repairing pumps, fixing leaks, and performing preventive maintenance on pool filters and chlorinators. Our pool technicians handle the on-going repairs and maintenance needed to keep a pool running optimally. 

Pool rovers  

Our seasonal pool staff is trained for daily pool service including chemical testing and adjustments, vacuuming, cleaning skimmer and pump baskets. 

Pool season FAQs 

On average, when does pool season start and end in Kansas City?  

Pool season typically kicks off Memorial Day weekend and runs until September 4. However, because of our size and depth of staff, we can offer early season opening or keep a pool running past the usual end of the season should good pool weather extend.  

For outdoor pools, it should be noted that the water temperature needs to be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit to open.  

Community pool servicesWhen do we need to book pool opening services? 

To ensure your pool will be ready by Memorial Day weekend, pool opening services need to be booked on or before April 1. 

When do contract renewals take place? 

For clients that take advantage of our pool division, contract renewals take place in October.  

Pool services for residents  

Our services don’t stop with your shared community pools. Contact us to find out how we can help residents with their private pools.   


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