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If you’re over the age of 55 – or you know someone who is – you know that the word “senior” can be very misleading. Members of this growing demographic are living longer, healthier and more active lives than ever before. And more than ever, these vibrant individuals are choosing active adult communities as their homes, where they can enjoy the features, amenities and recreational facilities that enhance their active lifestyles.  

No one understands the unique challenges and requirements of active adult communities and their residents better than FirstService Residential – one of the leading providers of 55+ property management services in Florida.

Through our shared FirstService Residential portfolio of over 130 active adult communities, the most extensive in the country, we know that these communities are not just neighborhoods for people 55 and older.  In fact, they are dynamic lifestyle communities that cater to the specialized needs and expectations of older – but very much engaged and active – individuals.    

A Lifestyle Division Dedicated to Your Needs

As part of our service to your community, FirstService Residential has created a specialized Lifestyle Division, headed by an executive team with extensive experience in active adult community and amenity management, as well as developer operations. 

To deliver our comprehensive active adult services and create rewarding experiences for your residents, team members:

  • Collaborate to share best practices
  • Deliver innovative programs and services designed for your residents’ needs
  • Develop targeted community programs
  • Provide specialized training for your management staff, Board members, committee members and lifestyle directors
  • Plan and facilitate on-site amenities and activities, such as golf, tennis, pool, fitness center and clubhouse 

In addition, each community manager, lifestyle director, Board and committee member is offered a broad spectrum of educational and interactive programs to learn how to fully optimize the lifestyle experience for each homeowner.

We also have extensive expertise in managing communities during the transition and construction process.  We can assist your developer and Board by beginning lifestyle program development while construction is still underway – and we can even outsource local amenities until your community’s recreational facilities are completed.

Our Florida active adult community property management services include:

  • Development and management of amenity programs
  • Activity and event planning
  • Educational seminars
  • Special interest clubs and organizations
  • Activity Director / Lifestyle Director services
  • Board member training
  • Wellness and longevity programs
  • Lifestyle amenity management

Affiliate Programs Enhance Your Residents' Lifestyles

As an additional benefit, we have the unique ability to leverage our organization’s best-in-class resources and combined buying power to bring additional entertainment and recreational experiences to your residents. We have successfully developed combined purchasing agreements with third-party entertainment and leisure service vendors, such as theaters, performers and travel companies, as well as affiliate programs with key national and local organizations, such as the Red Hat Society, YMCA, Carnival Cruise Lines, Allied Health Services and many more.  These relationships can provide your residents with exclusive discounts and value-added services to enhance their quality of life.

Learn more about out how FirstService Residential's full-service active adult community management services can meet your needs in Florida.

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