Tailored Management Services for Mixed-Use Properties

FirstService Residential CEO David Diestel discusses how we support board members with community lifestyle and hospitality programs, financial services, sustainability, resiliency, and more.

Whether you are on the board of a homeowner’s association, co-op, condominium, master planned community, or luxury high-rise, we understand that you have a vision for your community. Our unmatched local expertise and world-class resources allow us to provide exceptional service to our communities.

Creating inviting communities and optimizing their value are just part of the service commitment of FirstService Residential – and part of the reason we are the property management firm of choice for the state’s leading mixed-use developments.    

For three decades, our trained and experienced teams have provided tailored, full-service property management services and personalized customer service to help plan and manage these blended residential, retail, commercial and public spaces. Our sector experience and knowledge of complex building operations are matched with concierge-like service that creates successful and vibrant centers for living and commerce, as well as gratifying lifestyles for property owners and residents.

  • Skilled financial planning and budget analysis

  • Accrual-based financial reports

  • Cash flow statement on rolling 12 month basis until project completion

  • Creation of policies and procedures for new and future buyers

  • Maintenance of all mechanical systems and equipment

  • Exterior maintenance of all buildings, parking structures and common elements

  • Landscape services 

  • Long term deferred maintenance issues

  • ACC procedures and build out planning

  • Establishment of property utilities and vendors

  • Evaluating community management structures

If you would like more information about how FirstService Residential's tailored mixed-use center management services can meet your needs, please request a proposal.  


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