Full-Service High-Rise Property Management Services  

Dramatic architecture, stunning views, proximity to work and cultural centers, resort-style amenities, customized social activities…these are just a few of the qualities that attract homeowners to Washington, D.C.’s many beautiful high-rise buildings.  

Providing the tailored high-rise property management services these properties need to run smoothly and operate efficiently requires specialized skills, knowledge and experience – and that’s just what FirstService Residential Washington, D.C. offers.  We have a successful track record in managing these unique properties to enhance property values, curb appeal and quality of life for residents.  

Local Experts Deliver Tailored Services for Your High- Rise Building 

We begin by putting the right people in place – local experts with the best skills and knowledge to meet your property’s needs. Our customer-focused associates design full-service property management services to meet your unique requirements, while respecting your building’s distinctive community spirit and lifestyle. And behind the scenes, we implement preventive maintenance programs to increase the longevity, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of building systems and equipment.  We blend our operational expertise with tailored high-rise property management services, programs, systems and education services, delivered with dedicated customer service to your Board members, homeowners and residents.  

Here are some of the high-rise property management services we offer:

  • Maintaining common areas
  • Performing  frequent property inspections and implementing a work order system with iPhone technology
  • Coordinating all routine maintenance and repair  
  • Training, development and supervision of on-site personnel
  • Preparing bid specifications
  • Monitoring vendors and contractor performance
  • Enforcing CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations
  • Obtaining insurance and overseeing claims processing
  • Custom Emergency & Asset Manuals
  • Community website wools
  • Package tracking for deliveries
  • Visitor management systems
  • Valet services
  • Amenity management and reservation systems

We also provide additional benefit to our high-rise communities through such valuable services as financial and accounting services, cutting-edge technology and cost containment strategies, as well as professional training for Board members and our management teams to advance their knowledge and effectiveness in their roles.  In addition, as part of the FirstService Residential family, we can leverage our combined buying power and negotiated vendor pricing to increase the quality and lower your costs for everyday services, such as waste management, insurance and cable.

Contact us to learn more about how FirstService Residential Washington, D.C. can significantly benefit your high-rise building.

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